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Me at a Broadway Show

orchestra: plays first chord.
me: sobbing
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If you think Thank Goodness is some empty filler song that’s all just sparkles and rainbows and not the most emotional portrait of Glinda’s thoughts and feelings and regrets about herself then you can just cross those bridges you crossed you didn’t know you crossed right out of my life.

Make me choose - Anon asked: Interviews or Performances

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I think success is achievable for winners of talent shows that I was on or just in general for anybody starting in the business. I just think the point is not to be such a transparent artist that’s just trying to do what everybody else is doing. I think you’ve got to have some kind of uniqueness or individuality to yourself to keep people interested. It sounds funny to say ‘be yourself’ but I don’t think many people are. That would be my biggest piece of advice.

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The important thing about The Last Five Years is that I don’t feel like it’s the show’s job to tell you who’s at fault or what went wrong. It’s just a story that has to be told about two people who weren’t supposed to be together.

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American Beauty (1999)

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Kristen DiMera

She’s ba-ack!